Happy Holidays


I know - this is WAY LATE.
As previously mentioned, I took an accidental hiatius from blogging.
Anywho - this is the Holiday Card Photo we sent out this year!
A good friend of ours is a photographer. Clearly he is awesome.

We weren't able to get Wilbur to look at the camera for any of these,
but at least he isn't showing us his butt.
There has to be dozens of photos in the set where Wilbur turned and showed his booty
right as Hemingway (our photographer) was about to take the picture.
Really Wilbur?
Doxies have so much sass.

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  1. HAHA!! "At least he wasn't showing us his butt"... I love it. I swear Taylor purposely stretches in front of us just to show us her backside in all its glory.