I Bought a Mac and I have NO IDEA How to Use It


So I bought my first Mac Computer. I've had an iPhone for a few years now, and I bought an iPad when I started my Stella & Dot business so I could use our company app at Trunk Shows. So I figured, hey, how hard can it be to use a Mac Computer at this point? I mean seriously, it's probably just like my other devices.


Oh so wrong.

This is me earlier today calling my family (Dad + Sister). "Hi, do you know how I open a folder on my new computer? Where did my photos go when I connected my camera. How do I make a new folder? How do I right click? I only have one mouse button". I'm pretty sure this is how my next month is going to go. My sister has grown up on Mac Computers. I guess a lot of the schools use them now. This is yet another sign that I am old. My entire life up to this point has been working with a PC. I literally have no idea how to use my new computer. I feel as though the next month is going to be full of me feeling like an idiot as I try to learn to do simple things.

On the plus side, I downloaded a free trial of Adobe LightRoom and worked on my first picture! This is why I was trying to figure out how to make a folder. Anyhow, what do you think? It's my first attempt. I am already so impressed with the level of editing I can do with just the auto adjustments in LightRoom. It makes my Picasa edits look like...well something not nearly as pretty. I have yet to figure out how to crop a photo, or to find the screen where I can do anything but press a preset button to adjust the light levels, but hey! This is more than I could do an hour ago. Yay for small victories!

Did the rest of you grow up using Mac Computers? Or do you understand the complete loss I am feeling right now of not knowing how to do ANYTHING on my new computer? Please let me I am not the only one!


  1. We switched to a Mac about 10 years ago, and will never go back! It was different at first, but it gets better! We have only had to "upgrade" once, and that was because our old Mac did not support iCloud. Today I had to re-start my computer…this usually only happens once or twice a year with a MAc. Enjoy!

  2. haha I would LOVE a mac, but I've used them enough to know I have no clue how to actually use one... I would be so lost. Still want one. Best of luck! You'll get it. :)