Is it the Weekend Yet?


Necklace: On the Mark, Bracelets: Renegade, Amelie, Eden

Oh my gosh you guys. I am so glad it is Thursday night. Seriously. One more day until the weekend, and chic needs a rest! I feel like each week I just find a new way to cram more into my existing schedule, which leaves me feeling like I need a nice hot bath with Epsom salts and a book. I am oddly excited about it right now. I can't wait to bust out my Clairsonic, clean off my face from the day (I was caught in a down pour outside all day), use my toner, shape my brows, maybe do a mask, I mean clearly I just need to do some pampering. OH! And maybe a pedicure. Yes, that sounds nice.

I am super excited for this weekend. I ordered my Stella & Dot Summer Collection samples yesterday and had them overnight because I just could not stand to wait any longer for them. You guys, I got this purse that is TO DIE FOR. It is khaki colored with this amazing neon orange Aztec print. And a tassel. I swoon. Plus, I'm going to wear it with my new leather wrist wrap and bone inspired pendant. It sounds weird, but it is oddly so right. I will show you more later. Just rest assured that I got a box full of new goodies and I am one happy camper.

Also, do we like my hair? Totally inspired by this youtube video. Love her!

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