Oh HI! Plus I am Pregnant


I know, I know. I am the worlds worst blogger. I have been MIA for what, seven months? Something obscene like that. I don't really have any excuse, but what I will say is life has been crazy busy. My Stella & Dot business has been growing, my day job is advancing, I'm still going a mile a minute with all my volunteer activities, and I just haven't made time to sit down and blog. To be honest, maybe I lost my blogging way a bit. I wasn't sure what my message was, or why I was writing. But I think I have found it. My message is to be me. And to say HI. And to make new friends. So I am going to be better about posting updates, because I actually REALLY MISS this space of mine. And chatting with you all!

So here is my current news - I am pregnant! I am six months along, and currently seeking advice. CALLING ALL MOMMIES!! HALP! What do I need to know about surviving the last three months?

Side note: Yes, I have heels on in this picture. I wore them for AN HOUR and my feet were KILLING ME. Like I had to soak my feet the minute I got home. I pretty much roll in flats these days. Poor feet...

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