Pregnancy Musings


In no particular order, random things I have noticed about being pregnant....

1. My eyes are super dry. I googled this. Apparently this is an actual symptom of pregnancy? Dry eyes? Okay. I guess that means I will be in glasses a lot more. (Side note: this picture was the ONE DAY last week I wore contacts)

2. Holding up this belly is hard work. My ab muscles actually feel sore from it all. Do they make a sports bra for your baby bump stomach? No, seriously. Do they?

3. Cravings by trimester: First: Cantaloupe, Second: French Fries, Third (almost) : Mac n Cheese

4. Coordination: Today I managed to not only slip and fall on wet tile at my office building, but I also tried to climb a wall and didn't make it. I was running into work and the floor was wet, you know, because of the crazy Portland rain, and I did this epic slow motion fall. I opened the door, my shoes hit the tile and slipped out from under me, and I slowly landed on my knee and then collapsed to my booty. The only reason I didn't completely lay myself out is because I was HOLDING THE DOOR HANDLE. For real. Next, I was try to climb a small wall (like 2 feet tall) to take a short cut back to my car. I put my foot on the top of it, went to stand up on it, and my legs couldn't handle lifting my new weight and buckled under me and I jammed my shin into the brick. Awesome. I think my legs aren't use to carrying around this baby. I suppose I could work out.... but nah!!

5. I miss clothing. Like cute clothing. The kind with waist bands. And why is it so hard to find office appropriate maternity clothing??? This suit jacket is actually just an up-sized jacket from Ann Taylor. Looking for an actual maternity suit jacket is pretty much a lost cause. I don't understand. What are all the pregnant women wearing at work??

6. If you can't find more clothes, just wear more jewelry. My go to right now are skinny maternity jeans, a tee, and piles of jewelry. I think I am overcompensating. I might be a walking wall of sparkle by the time this baby comes out. Just layers and layers of sparkle.

7. Is it bad I haven't started the baby room yet? I haven't even bought any clothing. I am such a procrastinator. I need to clean out all the junk in my spare room and start transitioning it. But that just sounds like so much work. I need a nap just thinking about it...

8. This baby has some serious SASS! Just like her mama. She is super active. Lots of kicks, lots of flipping around in there, lots of sticking her booty out and making my stomach lopsided. It's the craziest feeling!

9. I need a nap (did I already mention that?)

10. I think I picked my baby room colors - so that is progress, yes? I am thinking white, gray, navy, and light pink.

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