I have always been the type of person who tries to cram ten things into the day where there are only room for eight. 

When husband I first talked about growing our family, one of the first things he said to me was that I was going to need to slow down so I don't completely wear myself out. Full time job, board member of two societies, a research committee, volunteering for my community, and starting my Stella & Dot business. I guess when I list it all out, it does sound like a lot. But the thing is, I love them all! How are you suppose to tame your passion when you have so many things that you want to do? PLUS BLOGGING! I didn't make any time for blogging in the past few months and I really, really missed it. 

I've always been an overachiever, and I've always gone 100 miles an hour. And I have so many things I want to accomplish. So many goals. So many passions. 

I read this Beyonce quote the other day. I can't decide if it makes me feel better that she is able to get so much done in 24 hours, or bad that she can get so much more done than me. 

I am sure at some point I will figure this all out, and things will slowly start to rise to the top in order of priority. I guess then I can trim things off the bottom. Such is the burden of having big dreams!

And now for a nap.

(and then more work)

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