The Nesting Files: DVD Storage


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I've become that person. That CRAZED pregnant lady who wants everything in her house organized RIGHT. NOW!

Our house has three bedrooms and a loft. The loft functions as our office, the master bedroom is obviously used by Husband and I, and then one bedroom is a guest room and the other is the room we lovingly call "the room of crap". It's like the room of requirement from Harry Potter, except full of all the stuff we don't know what to do with and haven't gotten around to organizing. Case in point, there are FOUR bookcases in that room just holding tons of books and DVDs. Like we have one entire bookcase devoted to DVDS. Why?!? And we hardly ever watch them because they are upstairs in our spare room and not downstairs near the TV.

There has got to be a better way. I've seen people put the DVDs into a cd booklet, but I have never really liked that. It seems really hard to keep them organized by title for searching and browsing. So looking for something better, I turned to what any sane blogger would do in a time when she needs guidance: Pinterest. And low and behold I found some awesome options.

What I like about all these is that they are alphabetized, and you can easily add a new DVD to the mix without having to rearrange everything else. I think my favorite option is the bottom photo because it has letters breaking up each section. The first photo is intriguing because it has the covers included... but that means I'd need to trim them all down to fit in there... and let's be honest: ain't nobody got time for that. I think the second photo is probably the easiest option because it uses cases and sleeves you can buy at the Container Store for around $12. Tempting....

I am currently wrestling with Husband, who likes all the DVD case boxes. I am preeeeetttyyyy sure I am going to win this one because I have the ultimate trump card -> crazy pregnant lady. But stay tuned to see how the battle ends.

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  1. I like all these ideas! I might be doing the same soonish...but what are you going to do with the cases? Toss them? Or throw them in a box?