My Newest Accessory


Behold my newest accessory. It's called the Belly Band, or Pregnancy Support Band, and it essentially helps you hold up your big old baby bump.

I've had some muscle strain during my pregnancy. Nothing too severe, just your typical aches and pains in the back and legs from your body expanding. I mean if you think about, it makes sense. Things are shifting and stretching and you are carrying more weight. Of course things start to hurt. But then I got to work on Monday and I could barely walk.

I was getting this REALLY sharp pain in front of my hip - sort of where your leg connects to your hip joint? (if that makes any sense?) Sharp pains when you are pregnant are generally not good. I was pretty confident that it wasn't the actually in relation to the baby because it wasn't my torso that hurt; it was everything AROUND my torso - my back, my hip, and all the way down through my leg. So being the totally rational mom-to-be that I am, I called my doctor in a panic. They ran me through a list of questions, and decided everything sounded okay and I probably just pulled something. Okay, I can live with that.

Cut to four hours later and the pain is SO BAD I literally am fighting back tears as I am sitting in my staff lunch meeting at work. I ended up limping out. I thought - I have to go lay down. So I tried to drive myself home and it hurt so bad I just steered myself to the doctor. Full exam later, I've pulled the ligaments in my hips. These ligaments support your baby bump and hold it up. The prescription? I went home and laid on my couch for eight hours straight waiting for the pain to go away and I was told to wear this gorgeous Pregnancy Support Band for the remainder of my pregnancy.

The pain was mostly gone Tuesday when I woke up. I stayed home to rest more and wore my band all day. I have to be super careful how I sit though and make sure I don't have my legs folded for too long (think of when you are sitting in a chair) or else it starts to pinch up again. I'm hoping this doesn't severely impact my mobility for the next trimester. I'd like to be able to walk around, run errands, do they typical type stuff of every day. To be honest though, after a few hours of moving I feel like I need to lay back down. Maybe this is because I am all flared up? Or maybe this is because my body is just starting to max out from carrying this baby weight. Either way, I will be rocking this support band for a while. And I am probably going to have to rethink my desk situation at work. I'm not sure I can sit in a traditional desk chair for eight hours a day. One of my coworkers recommended I try a yoga ball... maybe that would help?

Have any of you had issues with your ligaments from supporting your belly? Any tips on how to reduce the discomfort or support bands that worked best for you??

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  1. yoga ball is supposed to be REALLY good when you are pregnant. It tires out your back because you have to sit straight on it. But it is supposed to be really good for your hips. Plus you can bounce and move around on it which I heard is good for the baby's position.

    I'm sorry you have pulled ligaments! You'll probably have to be extra careful now since you have this injury. This might be your body's way of forcing you to take it easy (which is a definite necessity towards the end of pregnancy).