Reasonable Expectations


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It's been close to eight months since my last hair cut... I know. Hairdressers are gasping in horror at me right now. Part of this is because I was growing my hair out, so I thought... what's the point of cutting it? The other is that I am just plain lazy. But alas, I am finally getting my hair cut in the next few days. And I desperately need it. My ends are horrendous. And it's so split at the ends that it essentially won't even hold a curl anymore. It just frizzes.

So anyhow, in preparation for my hair cut I've been spending time on Pinterest trying to figure out what I want to do. You have to be careful on Pinterest and make sure you set reasonable expectations. You spend too much time on there and you think you can watch a youtube and suddenly have Angelina Jolie hair with lots of body and bounce. My hair will never be Angelina Jolie hair. Instead, I searched for "long, thin hair styles". Those are my descriptors right now. It's long, and it's thin. There is a lot of it, but its so fine you wouldn't even know it. And it tangles like nobodies business!

I'm pretty sure what's going to happen is I am going to get layers. I want to add some movement to my hair. I also feel like since it's mostly one length it just kind lays their lifeless. And I also have this vision that by shedding all the dead stuff at the end my hair will magically transform like a caterpillar to a butterfly and the wind will blow through my hair and it will be like one of those shampoo commercials. And my teeth will be perfectly straight and white and I'll look like a super star. #reasonableexpectations

Stay tuned for the after reveal!!

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