I'm sitting on my couch right now, with my feet up and it feels fabulous. I've spent the last few days reflecting on gratitude and all the things in my life to be thankful about. I have so many blessings in my life! Here are my top ten favorites:

1. My Husband. He will always be my number one. He has always been such a source of support in our marriage, but it has been even more amplified in the last few months of our pregnancy. He has been at EVERY doctors appointment, held my hand every time I have had my blood drawn (which sure seems like a lot these days!), helped comfort me when I've had an emotional moment about the size of my booty, my lack of clothing, that I can't reach my feet, or that I get out of breath every time I go up the stairs. He truly is the most amazing gift I have ever been received.

2. My Family and Friends. They say it takes a village, and I totally plan on putting that to the test. So far I've received countless offerings of support from friend and family to help us out as we balance three jobs, broken furnaces, and more. Whether it be a cooked meal, watching our Precious Baby Wilbur when we are stuck late at work, or even picking me up when I had to abandon my car because I couldn't drive (hello leg pain). Thank you all so much.

3. Baby Girl. We haven't officially met, but I can already tell you are going to be a riot. You already have such a little personality in there! Husband and I are looking forward to all the adventures we will have and watching you grow. We love you so, so very much.

4. Precious Baby Wilbur. Oh my sweet, sweet Precious Baby Wilbur. Sometimes you are a barky little butt-head, but we love you so very much. Thank you for all the hugs (yes, dogs can give hugs, even with tiny short legs), the puppy kisses, the snuggles, and the many laughs. We are so happy to have you as our firstborn.

5. Our Jobs. I am so thankful for the jobs we have. For Husband's job which he finds so much joy in, which helps support us, and covers our healthcare needs. Oh healthcare, what would I do without you! I am thankful for my day job which provides me the opportunity to work with great friends and learn new things. I am also thankful for my Stella & Dot career, which has provided so much growth for me as a person and a friend. And has provided extra income that helps us pay for unexpected expenses (eh hem... new furnace) and will provide extra money for us so I can take maternity leave when Baby Girl arrives.

6. Our Home. I bought our home many moons ago, as a single woman, looking for a place to hang my hat at night. Since then, we've painted and improved and really made this place feel like our own. I may have been slightly cursing this house when the furnace finally broke, but at the end of the day I am so, so grateful that we have a roof over our head, a place that is "ours", and somewhere we can grow our family, spend time with friends, and play outside. Having a sense of "home" is so important, because it grounds us and gives us a peaceful home base.

7. Creativity. For the first part of my business career (or essentially when I got out of school) I spent all my time at a desk, nose to the grindstone, working away for crazy hours. In the past few years I have focused on making more time in my life (albeit not quite as much as I would like) to just be creative. You can define creative in many different ways. For me, I choose to express mine creativity through this blog, photography, decorating our home, and fashion. Doing so has made me feel so much more whole. Like a complete version of myself.

8. Health. Oh my word, I've never been so focused on my health as I have been the last few months. Growing another human, having countless tests done, and visiting the doctors every month REALLY makes you conscious on what your body is doing and how it is handling change. I am so thankful that our family is healthy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

9. Events. So this one may seem a bit weird, but I am so happy to have a life full of events and opportunities to see friends, meet new people, and be social. Whether its a book club (okay, I haven't 100% launched this one yet but it's in the works), my ladies Bunko Nights (hey!!), the Stella & Dot shows I do where fabulous women invite me to their home and share their BFF's with me, gatherings with friends, etc. it's so important for me to have these venues to get out and be social. And knowing that we are expecting our little one in a few months, I feel like these events are going to become even more crucial to my sanity!

10. My Customers. Thank you to every person who has bought a bracelet, a necklaces, a bag, a gift, or a little something for themselves whatever it may be from me in the past year. Having the opportunity to help you all define your style and gift gorgeous jewelry has been SO MUCH FUN! I appreciate every transaction, big or small,  and every time you opened your home and friends to me so we could all hang out! Thank you for giving me this great career and for all the fun and joyous moments that come along with it.

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