The Last Thirteen Things


Today I am linking up
for their Last Thirteen series. 

So without further ado, 
Enlove with Life presents:
"The Last Thirteen Things I..."

1) Received as a Present:
JCrew bracelet from Husband
for Valentine's Day

2) Restaurant I Visited: 
Portland City Grill.
Isn't the view amazing?

3) TV Show I Watched:
Hart of Dixie.
I love the southern belle vibe,
and of course,
the clothes (here and here)


4) Quote I Saw and Loved:

5) Movie Seen in Theaters:
The Vow

6) Clothing Purchase:
JCrew belt


7) Friend I Saw:
My sister! 
She was in town visiting the family.

{favorite picture from Christmas}

8) Craft Item Added to My 'To Do List'

{on display at Anthropologie}

You know you want one too.

9) Book I Read:
I'm actually rereading this because

10) Thing I Ate for Dinner:
Okay, don't judge me...

Are you judging? 
Because it gets worse.
I had not one,
but TWO large orders of fries.

11) New Piece of Makeup:
Red Lipstick.

Curious about the veil?
Read here...

12) CD I Bought:
Florence and The Machine - Lungs

I love this song.
It was on repeat at my desk yesterday. 

13) Thing I Wrote for my Blog:
(ah, besides this of course)
My 'About' page. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Let's be friends, kay?


  1. Oook I love your list! And that bracelet?! LOVE! How do I get MY hubby to buy me that now? :)

    Thanks for linking up girl! Muah!


  2. No judgement here! Have you seen the size of the fries in happy meals now? Tiny. Yup, I'm 25 and still get happy meals.

  3. Excellent picks! Aw, your picture of you and your man is so sweet : ) Nice of him to get you some bling for Valentine's! And I've never seen Hart of Dixie, but I'm curious now!


  4. i loved this link up and your post was amazing! Your Jcrew purchase and gift are beautiful! * Applause for the hubby* As for the fries, girl they were from McDonalds how could you resist!?

  5. very fun list- new follower -found you on the link up. i am in love with that bracelet. good job hubby!!