Skirt Love


You guys,
I love this skirt.
Like seriously love it.

I got it at an additional 70% off clearance at Talbots
(I know, don't judge - this doesn't make me old)
for the low price of $18. 
I swear fabulous sales just find me.

And its wool.
And its lined.
And it is a FABULOUS emerald green
that this photo does not do justice to.

But here's the most important part,
this is the best fitting skirt I've ever bought.

Its a petite and just the right length.
It doesn't pull across the hips,
it just lays perfectly.
So you can bet you will see me there in the future.
Single-handedly representing for the young crowd at Talbots.


  1. you are right, it is perfect! hah, and i may have to take your advice and try to wade through the geriatric crowd at talbots to find all the leftover young people clothes. well done, again! you never cease to miss an incredible deal!

  2. Ok, you look darling. 1. I love the skirt and 2. I love that jacket!

  3. AH I looove that jacket. So elegant. So chic!!

    XO Jenna