Proof I Wear Flats


Sweater: JCrew, Pants: Target, Shoes: Converse

I've been getting questions regarding whether I ever wear flats,
probably because 90% of the time I am in 3" heels,
which lets face it aren't great for your feet.
So here is some proof I wear flats.
But only when they come in hot pink.
Also, these ones are REALLY COMFORTABLE.
I understand why so many bloggers run around in Converse now.

Photo taken at Target while on a pillow shopping spree
(more on that later)
while wear pants that are ironically from Target.
Like you've never done that before...

1 comment:

  1. This outfit is just SO darn cute. Love your style friend!! I love flats. We totally have that in common :-)

    XO Jenna