Bright Florals


Dress: LOFT, Jacket: DIY, Earrings: Boutique, Shoes: Target

I love love love the colors of this dress.
I think it may be a new favorite,
which is sort of odd since I wasn't 100% sure about it when I bought it.

I'd had my eye on it for a while at LOFT,
but I didn't want to pay the full ninety dollar price tag.
I waited till it went on sale for fifty-nine (I'm not sure why it's more online),
and then took advantage of the additional 60% off promo. 
Once it was down to twenty-four dollars,
I figured it was a reasonable price to take a gamble on.

While I loved the colors,
I wasn't sure about the fabric.
It is super comfortable, 
but the pleats sort of 'poof' in the torso when you bend over,
and I felt like it added a few pounds to my frame.
But all that can be forgotten when you add a vest over the top to camouflage it!
Boy I love a good vest.
Definitely a trick worth trying!


  1. I know just the kinda poof you're talking about. I just bought a maxi dress (my first ever-- can you believe it??) that does the same thing but I think it looks kinda cute! Idk, it's very Grecian goddess-like to me.

    Love the tropical colors and print on this dress. The denim vest definitely makes it look even better!

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  2. What a fabulous dress, the colors look great on you!

  3. I think it looks perfect. It's so colorful and looks comfy! Your hair is adorable too. :)

  4. Love this dress. So pretty!!!!

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  5. This looks so good on you! And your hair like that - I LOVE IT!!!!